Enbright  provides business advice, coaching and consultancy to businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals, to help them to realise their dreams.
Enbright has developed a network of specialists over 30 years in the Thames Valley one of the World’s most competitive and cutting edge sub-regions.

Enbright has access to an impressive network of business advisers and specialists from across the Thames Valley at its disposal. The leadership at Enbright has over 30 years of running a small business to managing and developing a corporate business and supporting the development of hundreds of small businesses. It’s extensive bank of advisers and specialists come with a broad base of experience, both young enough and old enough from a range of sectors.

Our advisers have been selected because they have worked successfully with all sorts of businesses including pre-start, start up, fast growth, slow growth, long established moderate, long established and stuck, those requiring recovery and turn around. They will have knowledge across multiple sectors and some of them will have worked for multinational companies or they will have bought and sold their own companies. They will have specialist knowledge working at the cutting edge of technology, science, people, finance, innovation and export most of all they will know how to work with your business to ensure your success. They will know where you can secure grants and finance and support and guide you through the maze of public sector support in your locality, in the sub-region, from national and European resources.