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Getting through life can be wonderful at times, everything just goes as you want it. Then sometimes you start hoping, expecting that maybe things could be and should be better. Maybe circumstances are such that you actually might be hurting. In life or in business those moments inevitably arrive. If they haven’t for you, great!, but for us mere mortals those moments do arise. I guess many of us are not great takers of advice and those that are often cite the people that have helped them along the way to success. My own experience has been that I have seen CEO’s of huge corporations and successful businesses taking advice, taking a perspective, an opinion from a network of trusted advisers to enable them to make the right decisions.  I advised a client once running a successful freight forwarding business who had never taken advice at all. He had been brought up by his father who had told him “son you are on your own you will have to do it yourself” When I explained to him that businesses that had taken advice and specialist help had generally been more successful he opened up to the potential of taking advice for the first time. When I left for another job he sent me a card and said “Thank you for changing my life” I was astonished that my intervention had such an affect. He had applied taking advice to every aspect of his life including his 30 fold team’s involvement in his company but importantly he had applied it to his family life too and it had lifted a huge burden of responsibility.