Coaching styles – what’s your preference?

I am a huge sports fan and have an interest in understanding how different styles of coaches have helped individuals grow and become more successful. Enabling people to perform better and change behaviour is not something that can be changed overnight. If not managed well it can make people less affective then they were. Take the case of Steve Finn the England Cricketer who just two years ago was cited as one of the best young talents in World cricket and yet last winter he was considered not to be in the right frame of mind even to play a game in the disastrous Australia tour. He returned to England and decided that he had received too much advice and his natural bowling action had been lost in the process. he did not blame his advisers he took personal responsibility for the final decision.

There are times when the coach is guided by the client to adopt a certain style. In my view it is not something that the coach should impose. There will however be a coaching style that each coach has, mine is more nurturing and gentle challenging and probing. I am not one for telling as I am not sure the benefit to the client is sustainable. I will share with you in future blogs the full range of coaching styles.