How we work

We strongly believe that the customer is always right. However, we like to develop understanding and so we question and challenge, question and challenge. This helps to strengthen your own vision, sense of purpose and thoughts and analysis of your business.

The motivation to seek external support for you and your business is primarily driven by two factors, either you are hurting enough to make a change in your life or your business or you are hoping enough that you could be doing more, expecting more.

In order to assess your business for the tailored support you need we will conduct a free introductory Enbright Business Review (EBR) and agree a clear plan of action which is prioritised and takes into account your aspirations desired pace and resources available. We don’t want to give you a plan that gets filed away never to be seen again. We will work with you to implement and provide the specialist expertise that you will need. We will work with you to manage that change.

Enbright 8 point plan for sustained success

-Prioritisation of need
-Agreed Action plan with objectives and milestones
-Introduction of specialists
-Commence implementation plan
-Performance manage progress
-Review and adjust plan
-NXD or maintenance mode