Virtual Touchscreen "Coaching"

Personal Coaching

I got involved in personal coaching because many of the people who worked for me over the years told me they really appreciated how I had made the impossible seem possible. How, by just listening and replaying back to them what they had said often. By believing that what they thought was a solution to their issues was often the best solution. It was about adding self belief to the obvious talent they had. Sometimes it was just about saying that they were worthy of their opinion and too just believe that what they had to say had validity and value. Sometimes it was by just saying that what they feared as failure could be turned into the excitement of trying something new and learning from the experience.

I am 58 years old and still play 5 a side football, I was told at 28 that I should give up as I was too old. I just believe I can go on competing with each generation of 20 year old, sure I am not playing at the highest level, but I still exhilarate from stopping that tricky left footer from getting past me, or by making that killer pass that no-one else saw. Its just belief even in those moments of doubt.