Unless you say you are going to Manchester how can you ever expect to get there

When I was coaching senior executives who had been out of work for some time, I was struck by how these hugely experienced and knowledgeable people had lost their way, their self confidence low and a sense of where they wanted to get to unclear. When I asked them what they wanted they tended to talk about what they needed rather than what they really wanted. That lack of clarity of purpose of destination prevented them from putting their physical, intellectual and subconscious effort behind their desire. They got too wrapped up in the detail of the difficulty of the journey, potential failure, of naysayers preventing them from pursuing their true goals. My experience of anyone that has turned their personal and business life around has been by having a very clear destination in mind. So once you say you are going to Manchester you will stand a very good chance of getting there, If you don’t get there you might just end up in a destination that drove you towards it and it might well meet all you ever really wanted.